Thursday, September 27, 2007

Fiber Fest

Well, I took the plunge and have made these 4 things to be (hopefully) sold at the FiberFest in East Aurora this weekend. I have a good friend who paints wonderful animal pictures, water colors and oils, who has participated as a vendor in the show for at least 2 years. She has done well selling her paitings there and she graciously offered to take a few of my things to sort of test the waters.


back of both boxes

That meant the pressure was on to put my money where my mouth is. It was a bit difficult to come up with sheep related themes but this is the end result. 2 collage boxes and 2 knitting bags.

Bags have knitting related charms.
I am on my way to Boston tomorrow but I'll let you know what happened next week.......

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Sunday, September 23, 2007

A Santa Fe Teaser

The first is what I came home with. The second is La Lana Wool in Taos--a wonder I didn't come back with more.

Though I need to say that Rob is an enabler--I have 6 more balls of yarn than I would have without his input.

It seemed like it had been far less than a year and a half since K and Patti and I had been there. It was so great to be back. I posted more pictures here and you can check out my other post here. We took so many pictures! And had a ton of fun. I'll have more pictures of treasures to post soon.

I do just want to mention that I am still creeped out by the fact that I could tell that a spider was crossing the road as we drove by at about 50 mph.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Moving on...

Things work out much better when I stick with knitting projects where the gauge doesn't matter.

Case in point: I finished the Hanami shawl last week.
It's hard to get a good photograph of a shawl.
Allow me to be less-than-humble and say that I absolutely love it! I'm definately going to use this yarn (Handmaiden Sea Silk) again, it's just so soft and so nice to knit with. The pattern wasn't dificult, and it really didn't take me that long (I started in mid-July). So nice to have a success following a, well, less than successful project.