Thursday, June 18, 2009

summah? it's almost wintah!

here are some projects i've been working on over the past-i'd rather not say how long. this hat was my first done on circular needles, which i still hate them.

this is a scarf knitted with fabric.  the knitting was really quick but the cutting and tying the strips together was the time consuming part.  
these are some wall hangings i made for my mom and myself.  so i made 8 altogether 2 of each design.  i had quite the assembly line going.  

these were also my first attempt at machine quilting.  i didn't use a template or anything.  i pretty much just closed my eyes and did it.  
this extra long skinny scarf is cool because i got the yarn at the east aurora dollar store.  so it's a $2.00 scarf.