Friday, September 25, 2009

The nursery

Here's some pictures of the little outlaw's room -- its finally coming together after a missed furniture delivery, a crib skirt sewing meltdown, and a serious tussle with some oversized curtains. What do you think? Note all the special treats that make the room gorgeous -- mom's "coming home from the hospital" outfits sitting on the changing pad -- ready to go!, auntie amy's quilt at the foot of the bed, and auntie erica's quilt over the back of E's grandmother's rocker. Not to mention the bookshelf made for me by Poppa almost 10 years ago and her Atlanta Braves mobile! Its very cozy, and it gets wonderful afternoon sunshine. What you can't see is raggedy ann, sitting in the crib and making me cry everytime I get a glimpse of her. Thanks mom! :)

At the bottom you'll see a picture of the new house -- mom's been asking what it looks like so I snapped a photo this morning. Note the grey skies, heavy with another 5 days of rain that's coming this afternoon!

Let me know what you think. The only things left to do are to hang the artwork, put her clothes in the drawers, and spend some quality time with the goo gone, getting the warning stickers off the wood crib. Who does that??!