Friday, September 25, 2009

The nursery

Here's some pictures of the little outlaw's room -- its finally coming together after a missed furniture delivery, a crib skirt sewing meltdown, and a serious tussle with some oversized curtains. What do you think? Note all the special treats that make the room gorgeous -- mom's "coming home from the hospital" outfits sitting on the changing pad -- ready to go!, auntie amy's quilt at the foot of the bed, and auntie erica's quilt over the back of E's grandmother's rocker. Not to mention the bookshelf made for me by Poppa almost 10 years ago and her Atlanta Braves mobile! Its very cozy, and it gets wonderful afternoon sunshine. What you can't see is raggedy ann, sitting in the crib and making me cry everytime I get a glimpse of her. Thanks mom! :)

At the bottom you'll see a picture of the new house -- mom's been asking what it looks like so I snapped a photo this morning. Note the grey skies, heavy with another 5 days of rain that's coming this afternoon!

Let me know what you think. The only things left to do are to hang the artwork, put her clothes in the drawers, and spend some quality time with the goo gone, getting the warning stickers off the wood crib. Who does that??!


abi's mom said...

Oooh! You have NO idea how much this makes my morning!

I have to say that when you mentioned the rocker, I thought "I sent K a lot of stuff, but I KNOW our rocker wouldn't have fit in that last box I sent...."

It's just gorgeous--what a lucky, lucky little girl! (I've eyed that Pucci-esque fabric before). What's the thingy hanging on the crib? I don't have one of those (Zack would probably use it to swing from).

Ooooh I'm so excited!!!!!!!

kdh said...

I knew the E abbreviation would be confusing!

Mom gets the credit for finding that fabric and seeing the vision of it -- she was right that its very feminine but not too girly. And then it was just a lucky break that walmart (of all places) had blackout curtains in that coordinating print. How happy was I?

We saw those "crib bags/toy bags" when we shopped for cribs -- they used those, plus bumpers, to dress up all the cribs. Since bumpers are a no-no these days, but I wanted more of the fabric around, I whipped one up -- saving the $149the store was charging for them!!

Pretty exciting, huh? I get all teary every time I go in there. Hormonal much?

abi's mom said...

The hormones are fun, no?

I'll tell a dirty little secret--we used bumpers for awhile because his legs would get stuck hanging out of the crib and he couldn't get unstuck. You can get breathable bumpers, though, if you find you need them.

Totally lovely and exciting and cool!

abi's mom said...

Oh, and the house looks really cute, too!

Patti said...

Oh my!! How beautiful. I know many men have sympathy pregnancies but can moms have them too? Seems I spend a lot time blubbering when I think of my beautiful daughter whose having a beautiful daughter. Dad thinks I've gone over the edge.
Everything looks wonderful and now the hardest part-waiting.

amy said...

very nice. i was wondering about the bag hanging off the front of the crib too. very cool. i really do love that fabric. it funky and not too girly but still says girl. the house is cute too. thanks for sharing. now we just need the baby girl!!!!

big pop said...

I get teary too over lots of things. Everything looks great and well prepared for the arrival of my grand daughter. Lots of work but it is beautiful!!

MSBABY said...

Your nursery goes perfectly with the exterior of your home. When you are done I hope that you will enter some pics in my nursery contest! My visitors would adore seeing this room and you could win a prize!

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Best wishes,
Jan aka MS Baby

abi's mom said...

Oh great! Now I'm all teary eyed, too!