Thursday, March 30, 2006

Collage In and On a Bottle

This is the front of the bottle I just collaged. It says~The power to accessorize-It's what separates the good witches from the bad.
The back of the bottle has the dictionary definition of fright. The photos are inside the bottle resting in white glitter.
Side view~the space between the two pictures is filled with beads. I thought it would be cute on top of a dresser as a reminder to never forgot the finishing touches! Is it to far out there?

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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Notes from San Fran

As I noted in a previous comment, I didn't take my camera to San Fran with me because usually what I do is just take it for a ride and not use it. Of course, I should have. But I have taken pics of some of the goodies that I got. The first day I was there, I had to go check out Britex, a 4-floor fabric store that K recommended (see It was absolutely amazing. And I want this one woman's job. Essentially what she does is swatch fabric. If you have a project and need a particular color or type of fabric, you call her and tell her and she goes and swatches fabric for you and sends them to you. How much fun is that??!!!

Here are some of the silks & ribbons I
got. The ribbons are velvet.

I had also read about a yarn shop that I also went to check Amazing stuff! They design it all themselves, have someone else spin it and then they dye it. Great colors, great yarns. And what is very cool is that they have a computer program that will create patterns for you. For example, I like the Tesla yarn (35% stainless steel, 65% cotton, picture below), and I liked the tank top that is on the red-haired mannequin on the first page of the website. So she sat me down, took some measurements, asked about necklines and ease, and out popped a pattern for the tank, which I will definately post when done. Here's the yarn:
Better pics here:

So it was a very fun trip and I can't wait to go back! There's supposed to be a great bead store, too, but I didn't make it there.

nothing says spring like a new bag ...

So this is the fruit of my visit to the big ol' fabric store a few weekends ago -- a jaunty new spring bag. More are forthcoming, and you all may benefit from the largess -- because really, who needs 3 flowered bags?

What do you think of the trim?
Please see close up. Hey Mom -- I used a pattern and everything!!

Also, not so crafty, but I spent some quality time this weekend building Swedish bookcases. The Ikea here is much less chaotic than the one in DC, especially on a Sunday morning (think Georgia is in the bible belt? Nah!). My spatial relation skills SUCK. It took me hours -- and I still screwed it up and put one of the shelves in upside down. Dang! [note cool orange laptop bag xmas gift in left hand side of photo!]

Sunday, March 26, 2006

You've Done The Same Thing-Admit It!!

This is the front and back of one of my Easter collages! I 'took one' for the sake of art by having to eat the chocolate eggs so I could use the wrappers! Amy and I had fun this weekend. We shopped for yarn and she showed me how to use my (and Kristen's) new stamps! Erica, I think some of these stamps would work for quilts. Amy has promised to post some pictures of her projects when she gets home. So what do all of you think about a girl's art weekend retreat in East Aurora? I have all the basic supplies and each of us could show the others how to do something cool. We can drink good wine and make or go out for good food. We could shop in EA and go to the Clarence Flea Market. Should we start planning?

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Baby Blanket and Tag

Good Morning! Here is a picture of the completed baby blanket along with a tag I made for it. It gets wrapped up for Saturday. My dilema is-do I stuff it in abox from a department store or wrap it unboxed in lots of tissue ? I'm leaning toward unboxed. What do you think?Front of tag- says "Where did you come from baby dear?Out of the everywhere and into the here."
Back of tag left blank to personalize.
I tried to send a picture of the lemon quartz necklace but the picture wouldn't load so I'll try again later. I finished an Easter collage yesterday and am going to try to do a different one today.

Am having problems uploading pictures and the first time the whole thing went to a different blog-"kristensspot". I'll try again but there could be two postings.
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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

3 new quilts

Let's see how my first posting attempt goes! The first quilt is a fun one I did for my friend Deb's little girl, Kayla, for Easter. Kinda goofy, but fun. Quilt binding is a good thing, I've decided.

The other two I did after I found this absolutely fabulous book at G Street on printing and rubber stamping on fabric that may just change my life. I had to immediately go over to AC Moore and buy stamps and ink, of course!

So the formatting leaves a bit to be desired, but I think you can get the idea. And for whatever reason, the words just don't photograph well---the green & brown one is the William Blake poem "To see a world in a gran of sand...".

Oh, and this was posted by Erica, not K.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

First Blog!

Hi guys!
I mentioned to both of you that I thought it would be fun to create a blog where we could post pictures of our crafty things, talk about crazy things we've seen, and generally kibitz. So here it is! We should think of who else we'd want to have play with us.

I don't have a whole lot of things I've been working on, but I did find a very cool section of town yesterday -- I guess it's kind of the warehouse district, but there were some serious fabric stores (all home decorating fabric) and also some cool garden/pottery places. We'll have to check it out when you come visit!

I also made a necklace today -- mom, those are the beads I picked out when you were here (obviously!) What do you think about the big piece of coral? Too much?

Mom, you should definately post the pic you sent me of the blanket and tag -- it's amazing!

And it goes without saying -- changing the name to something that more accurately reflects the coolness that we do would be good good. Don't want anyone mistaking this place for a googley-eye-festival!