Tuesday, March 28, 2006

nothing says spring like a new bag ...

So this is the fruit of my visit to the big ol' fabric store a few weekends ago -- a jaunty new spring bag. More are forthcoming, and you all may benefit from the largess -- because really, who needs 3 flowered bags?

What do you think of the trim?
Please see close up. Hey Mom -- I used a pattern and everything!!

Also, not so crafty, but I spent some quality time this weekend building Swedish bookcases. The Ikea here is much less chaotic than the one in DC, especially on a Sunday morning (think Georgia is in the bible belt? Nah!). My spatial relation skills SUCK. It took me hours -- and I still screwed it up and put one of the shelves in upside down. Dang! [note cool orange laptop bag xmas gift in left hand side of photo!]

1 comment:

abi's mom said...

VERY cool bag--I love the fabric and the trim is good.

At least there are some benefits to living in the Bible belt! And at least Ikea hasn't succumbed to it's influence! Gotta love the Swedes.