Friday, August 31, 2007

Swatches are big fat liars, or a message from the Knitting Gods

I went up to see my friend Deb and her brand new daughter, Haley, last weekend. Do I have pictures of Haley? No, I do not. But you can see her and her sister Kayla here. Suffice it to say that they are both adorable and sweet and lovely.

I was working on a little kimono sweater for her all summer (which should not have taken all summer and I finished the Friday night I got to PA but we won't discuss that). I swatched for it. I made gauge. I stuck with the newborn size because I know I knit loosely. I had the perfect ribbon for the tie.
It turned out wide enough to fit Deb.
Deb was gracious, said that it'd be fine after layering a Tshirt underneath it, blah, blah. (Oh please--you'd have to layer so many Tshirts under it that the kid wouldn't be able to move!)

But really? This is a sign from the Knitting Gods. And I'm listening. See me, Knitting Gods? I give up, my hands are in the air, I surrender. From here on out, new babies will get hats or quilts. No more articles of clothing to be worn below the chin.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

A Sunny Friday To You!!

Sunflowers from the farmer's market......

Friday, August 03, 2007


So, in an effort to stop missing Oliver I have roused myself long enough to take a picture of the shawl...which Erica requested a long time ago. I am just finishing my second skein of yarn so I figure I'm not even 1/2 way there. I do like kinitting it but wish it went a little faster because I want to use it NOW. I have no knack for memorizing the pattern so I have to keep the directions right in front of my face.

This is the bracelet K made for me. The pictures do not do it justice. (I can't seem to get a close up without it being blurry..any suggestions?) It is really lovely and antiquey looking. The locket opens and is quite deep. Whose picture should I put in it??? Thank you, K. I love it!

We are taking a baseball trip this weeknd to PA. I'm hoping to find some fabric shops and Chuck has promised a stop at Schopps(sp?) Grove. If I'm really good maybe I can work Renninger's in too. Have a great weekend...Patti