Saturday, July 26, 2008

I'm moving on up ...

In the immortal words of George Jefferson, I AM moving on up -- up the street, in fact, to a new neighborhood (more neighbors, fewer murders) and a new "southern front porch" way of life (I've mastered mint juleps but still can't stomach sweet tea). Its hard to quantify how much happeir I am here -- its just so great to see people out walking around the neighborhood, to be able to walk down the street to a park, restaurant, or bank, and just generally to have outdoor space. My neighbor loaned me her pool pass last week, for goodness sake!!

Let's take a tour, shall we?

Walking up the steps -- the landscaping looked better before 2 solid years of outdoor watering restrictions, I'm sure....

And the front porch. Ferns were the first thing I bought for the new place, and they're not even dead yet. Whoo hoo! A whomping big ceiling fan keeps bugs at bay (and me busy, relighting candles).
Walking in the living room, with the front door at my back. Each room has a fireplace, though none of them work any more.
And another view of the living room, now facing the front door. I need a bigger couch -- that's my mini white couch, with the ottoman next to it.
The big room -- or party room, as its been monikered by someone who likes to race cars down the length of it. Sorry the picture is so dark -- I tried at a couple times of day and couldn't get a better one. The walls are a really cool olive green. This is probably a dining room, but used now mostly as an office space. I didn't take a picture of the desk -- you just don't need to see that!
The red room, entered by taking a hard right from the front door. A very cozy place to sit and watch TV -- and listen to the neighbors non-stop "sitting on the porch, smoking and listening to Phil Collins" groove. Boy, they love their Phil Collins. But at least they're not killing each other. Gotta keep things in perspective. My hope is to buy a leather couch for this room, and move the red couch out of the red room sometime soon. Because all that red makes my brain hurt a little!
The kitchen, all the way in the back of the house. You can get here from the party room on the lefthand side OR by walking down the hallway on the right hand side. From the vantage point of this picture, if you turned left you'd be back in the hallway, near the 2nd bedroom and the bathroom (coming up next). If you turned right, you'd be on the back porch, exiting to the backyard and driveway.
The second bedroom. I need help with this one, kids. The walls are painted with a kind of stucco paint. The ideal position for the bed is against the wall, but the paint would be too scratchy to sleep against. I need a good idea for a more "cozy" wall covering. I had this grand thought of hanging felt, and then cutting out stick up shapes (a la tommy tooth, mom)... Things like roads, trees, and trucks. Think that would work? Other thoughts??

Exiting this bedroom, and walking back up the hallway toward the front door, we go past the bathroom (claw foot tub) -- its really hard to take a good picture of a bathroom.
And then the big bedroom. I still need a dresser -- suitcases of various clothing types were kicked out of the way of this shot.

So that's it! What do you think???

Sunday, July 13, 2008

I'm smitten...too bad its 95 degrees

I finished my Japanese Vines scarf awhile ago and it's been sitting around looking like this:
I steam blocked it yesterday and now it looks like this:
It drapes soooo nicely! I can't wait to wear it--which will either entail cranking the AC to about 60, taking a vacation in Antarctica, or waiting until my birthday rolls around.


I made this with the Neighborhood Fiber Company sock yarn that I bought at MDSW. Granted, it's the little things these days, but that rule I placed on myself was great--I really enjoyed knitting something that wasn't Erica Blue or Abi Grey. The green yarn I got is kinda rocking my world, too. Who knows, I may go for fuschia next!