Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Christmas crafts

Now that gifts have been given, I can blog about the stuff I did before Christmas (that wasn't for me). And I have to show you the miracle that is blocking. I have to admit that I always poo-pooed blocking as a waste of time, until I started knitting lace. I may be a convert now.

Case in point:

What appears to be a mangled tangle of yarn. And I did NOT smush this up any more than it already was before taking the picture.
Soaked and stretched out on an old beach towel.
Et voila! No longer a mangled tangle of yarn, but a presentable scarf for my mom.
This is the Falling Water scarf.
This is K's.
This is Grandma's.
This is Deb's.
These are the scarves with their matching bags
and Grandma's bag.