Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Christmas crafts

Now that gifts have been given, I can blog about the stuff I did before Christmas (that wasn't for me). And I have to show you the miracle that is blocking. I have to admit that I always poo-pooed blocking as a waste of time, until I started knitting lace. I may be a convert now.

Case in point:

What appears to be a mangled tangle of yarn. And I did NOT smush this up any more than it already was before taking the picture.
Soaked and stretched out on an old beach towel.
Et voila! No longer a mangled tangle of yarn, but a presentable scarf for my mom.
This is the Falling Water scarf.
This is K's.
This is Grandma's.
This is Deb's.
These are the scarves with their matching bags
and Grandma's bag.


Patti said...

Wow! Those are amazing. Each one is prettier than the next.

I now believe in blocking!

My scarf is starting to take shape. I am a bit worried because the yarn seems a bit elastic. Hope blocking will solve that.

Erica said...

I can't wait to see your scarf! The yarn is wool, right? It should be fine after blocking. I used alpaca for my Falling Water, and I can only describe it as "bouncy" when I was knitting it, but it blocked beautifully.

kdh said...

holy moley those are BEAUTIFUL! I love the colors -- each one was perfect for the person, really. I'm glad mine is the prettiest ;)

i haven't stared yet but I'm excited (yet scared!) to try!

Patti said...

My yarn is 100% merino. I will take a picture of mu progress so far later today.

Jump right in K! It really is fun.

erica said...

What pattern are you doing, K?

Anonymous said...

Hi Erica, I just accessed your blog after hearing about your little group of knitters. I'll check the others later but just looked at yours. I am really impressed!!! All gorgeous stuff. I still can't figure out how you find time to do it.
I have spent the past year designing afghans - a certain stitch, square design. The squares are all the same stitch but I do the designs by arranging various color groupings. Everyone in the family gets one based on their favorite colors. Isn't knitting fun?
Jeanette A.