Wednesday, December 05, 2007


My amusement at making blocks may be over, but I think Gumdrops are pretty sweet.

It's Amy Butler's Gumdrop pillow. Aside from the 10 lb box of polyfill I had to buy, I used stash. And a pattern.

Hell can freeze over now.


kdh said...

Whoa! I completely love it!
How much does a 10 lb box of poly fill cost? Is there something in it that weighs it down? or is it all pillow?

erica said...


It comes in a plastic bag in a box and when you untie the plastic bag, the polyfill starts coming out of the box as if it were alive.

I didn't use all 10 lbs, but there's not enough left for a whole other pillow.

It's all pillow, as I found out when I tried to sit on it last night and nearly landed on my head. But it's great for putting your feet up on. And it's really rather easy.

amy said...

very cool pillow, erica. i love the fabric. that is alot of poly fill. i love amy butler stuff. her fabrics and patterns. i bought a pattern for one of her bags, i forget the name right now. i also got some fat quarters of her fabric. not sure when i'll get to that project.

Erica said...

She's got great stuff, doesn't she? The fabric that I used I got in Sweden, so I have no idea what it is, but it seemed to work out well for this. The only thing I'd do differently with this pattern is double stitch all the seams--I just know I'll end up resewing them at some point.

Patti said...

I love the gumdrop! I think 10# of polyfil would scare me but I may just give it a try.

erica said...

Oh, it's so worth it! The pattern comes with a smaller sized pillow, 18" instead of the 24" I did and that one requires slightly less polyfill.