Monday, August 28, 2006

you guessed it ...

... I made more jewelry! This is a going away gift for a researcher (who has been gone almost a month now, but who's counting). She had asked for my help suggesting jewelry for a bridesmaid dress she has to wear in the fall -- it's brown, and I thought these lovely purple-ish pearls would go nicely. The old buckle/clasp combo were a windfall in my junk box. Gotta hope she hasn't already bought something....

The other necklace is an idea I got from In Style magazine, of all things -- velvet ribbon and old buttons. Easy peasy! I wore it today with an erica-blue jersey wrap dress, but got no comments. Can you believe it?

What do you think?

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The Amazing Origami Bag!

Yes, you heard it right. The amazing origami bag is made from one, that's right, I said one square of lined fabric, It is then magically folded and you end up with a bag that has an middle pouch with a pocket on either side.

Just to prove that this is not a hoax, three of you have been randomly selected to receive one of these unique bags. These bags are being sent to you FREE of charge, satisfaction guaranteed or you may return for a full refund. ( Wait! Didn't I just say they were free? Ok, so change that to no obligation.)

Use the bag for 30 days and I can guarantee it will change your life forever. Wow, I'm really getting carried away. This bag can be used to carry all those little knitting items that end up in the bottom of your big knitting bag, like tape measures and stitch holders, etc. I am sure it would function as a travel jewelry pouch so all those hand crafted necklaces are safely transported. Of course, and maybe most important it could carry meds or better yet, your secret stash of .........chocolate. This bag is so diverse it could even be a little purse for those crazy nights that we go clubbing.

I will be anxious to hear what other uses you come up with for the "amazing origami bag". So look for yours in the mail. It should be arriving in a day or two.

Posted by Patti

Monday, August 21, 2006

A posting from Quincy!

This came in the form of a plea to post, without witty comment. So I'll let the pictures speak for themselves -- great quilts Amy! Adorable dog! I'm SURE Lucy was helpful making these, right? :)

Sunday, August 20, 2006

long time no blog

thought it was time i shared some of the quilty things that i've made lately. i think lucy makes a really nice quilt model. what do you girls think???

I finally did something!

Aside from spending 100s of dollars on equipment and supplies, of course. Check out my new necklaces. E, you may recognize the one scarf. Mom, you may recognize the other!

To make the bottom necklace, I cut apart a doily that Hendi had given me from her grandmother -- so I think that one is going back to her. I was inspired by the necklace that we saw at Homefrocks, even though I can't really remember what it looked like (though I'm sure it was expensive!)

I think next time I'll use less wire on the scarf necklaces, and maybe screw around with some wide bore beads instead. What do you all think?

Monday, August 14, 2006


I saw this idea for roll up blankets in one magazine or another--to take to the beach or to Wolftrap, or whatever. I thought I could do a cooler version. I cheated a bit on the backing--I used the pre-quilted stuff.

This one's Rob's:
This one's mine. The poem is ee cumming's maggie and milly and molly and may.

Saturday, August 12, 2006


As promised, here are some pictures of the scribble lace scarf/wrap I am working on. The concept is basically to use a thin yarn(thread) and a thick yarn. I am using a crochet cotton thread and a ribbon yarn.The tricky thing is to keep your yarn on the needles since the crochet cotton seems to want to jump right off.

I have dropped stitches several times and had to use a crochet hook to work them all the way back up. Not a project for a windy day-like when I went to the lake. Despite it being ornery it is an easy pattern, works along quickly and is very soft and drapey.

The necklace is really prettier in real life because the colors didn't show up to great. I had a bit of struggle with the clasp and it's still not quite right but I will be on the look for for a better solution.
I am going to go thru my fabric stash today and see if I have the "exact right thing" to try out a small bag pattern that I have had for years but just saw a new idea for. I'll let you know how that works.

Hope to see some new stuff from you guys soon. If only you didn't have to do that work thing!! ;)