Saturday, August 12, 2006


As promised, here are some pictures of the scribble lace scarf/wrap I am working on. The concept is basically to use a thin yarn(thread) and a thick yarn. I am using a crochet cotton thread and a ribbon yarn.The tricky thing is to keep your yarn on the needles since the crochet cotton seems to want to jump right off.

I have dropped stitches several times and had to use a crochet hook to work them all the way back up. Not a project for a windy day-like when I went to the lake. Despite it being ornery it is an easy pattern, works along quickly and is very soft and drapey.

The necklace is really prettier in real life because the colors didn't show up to great. I had a bit of struggle with the clasp and it's still not quite right but I will be on the look for for a better solution.
I am going to go thru my fabric stash today and see if I have the "exact right thing" to try out a small bag pattern that I have had for years but just saw a new idea for. I'll let you know how that works.

Hope to see some new stuff from you guys soon. If only you didn't have to do that work thing!! ;)



kdh said...

Wow mom, the necklace came out GREAT. I think I'm going to the bead show today -- I'll look for a perfect clasp for you.

And the scribble scarf is gianormous ... !

patti said...

Any luck with that clasp?
The scarf/wrap is wide but has miles to go before it becomes either a scarf or a wrap!

Have the cuff of the first sock done...hard!

abi's mom said...

I love the necklace, too, so it must be absolutely gorgeous in person.

The scarf is cool--it's just stockinette?

AND you're making socks! You're just a machine!

erica said...

Hey, K, I have another idea for you for a magnetic closure. I just bought a bag w/a magnetic closure, but it's not one of those fasteners like you're looking for. They just sewed magnets into the lining of the bag on either side (so you don't actually see them). If that makes no sense, I can post pics.

patti said...

pattern for the scarf is K,P,K,(all with thin) & then K w/ thick yarn-P,K,P,(all with thin yarn)P with thick yarn, rows not stitches-if you want more let me know.