Sunday, August 20, 2006

I finally did something!

Aside from spending 100s of dollars on equipment and supplies, of course. Check out my new necklaces. E, you may recognize the one scarf. Mom, you may recognize the other!

To make the bottom necklace, I cut apart a doily that Hendi had given me from her grandmother -- so I think that one is going back to her. I was inspired by the necklace that we saw at Homefrocks, even though I can't really remember what it looked like (though I'm sure it was expensive!)

I think next time I'll use less wire on the scarf necklaces, and maybe screw around with some wide bore beads instead. What do you all think?


patti said...

How very, very cool!! They are sort of like I pictured them, only I didn't picture that much wire wrapping. I like then very much. Did the scarfs get cut to make them narrow and then sewn into a tube?

erica said...

Oh, wow, those are cool! I love 'em!

The Hendi doily one reminds me to tell you two about some necklaces I saw, I think in Legacy. Along with the beads & such, they'd also used framed mini pics of ancestors, kind of like a charm bracelet. I saw it recently, so you should be able to still get the mag.