Monday, February 22, 2010

The drought has ended.

So I've made some stuff. Actually, I've been making lots of stuff, I just don't quite get around to posting.

So in some strange way, this is my favorite corner of the house, though I don't seem to be able to photograph it very well. Something about the Zack-height hooks, with the little coats, and the little boots just gets me. And I've just added a little bag to the hooks, to wrangle his hats and mittens.

A closer look.

The owner of these little hats, coats and boots just turned 2. Somehow. I'm not entirely sure how. But he is quite quick to tell you how old he is when asked.

Less than a week before his birthday party I got the idea that he needed a Birthday Crown. And wouldn't it be cute if I were to give those away as favors to the other kids? Though at the time of this brilliant idea, only one other little girl was coming. In the end, 5 other kids came. So I made 6 crowns.

This is Zack's.

These are the rest.

Here's an action shot.

I must say that the crowns weren't a bit hit with the under-10 crowd. The kids were either in the don't-put-anything-on-my-head stage, or the I'm-too-cool/old-for-this stage. But I knew it was a bit of a crap shoot going in, and I had a lot of fun making them, so I didn't really mind.