Sunday, July 13, 2008

I'm smitten...too bad its 95 degrees

I finished my Japanese Vines scarf awhile ago and it's been sitting around looking like this:
I steam blocked it yesterday and now it looks like this:
It drapes soooo nicely! I can't wait to wear it--which will either entail cranking the AC to about 60, taking a vacation in Antarctica, or waiting until my birthday rolls around.


I made this with the Neighborhood Fiber Company sock yarn that I bought at MDSW. Granted, it's the little things these days, but that rule I placed on myself was great--I really enjoyed knitting something that wasn't Erica Blue or Abi Grey. The green yarn I got is kinda rocking my world, too. Who knows, I may go for fuschia next!


kdh said...

ooh! I completely love it! I think lace is just amazing the way it transforms like that -- so so so pretty. Adn that color looks great on you too!

I'm also just generally excited that there's a new blog. I've missed it! I wish it were exciting to you all to look at pictures of my piles of papers....

or maybe my new house? I suppose I could put something up about that.... especially since I don't even KNOW where my jewlery making and sewing supplies are!

Patti said...

So pretty! Great color. how do you steam block?

I would love to see pics of the new place, K.

Erica said...

I'd LOVE to see the new place!!!

"Steam blocking" sounds so much fancier than "using the steam setting on your iron", doesn't it?

patti said... you just steam ironed your scarf??

Erica said...

Yep. It didn't seem like it needed much blocking and I don't have as much free time anymore, so I figured I'd try the quick route first. I'll bet that's all you'd have to do for the one you started, too.