Friday, August 31, 2007

Swatches are big fat liars, or a message from the Knitting Gods

I went up to see my friend Deb and her brand new daughter, Haley, last weekend. Do I have pictures of Haley? No, I do not. But you can see her and her sister Kayla here. Suffice it to say that they are both adorable and sweet and lovely.

I was working on a little kimono sweater for her all summer (which should not have taken all summer and I finished the Friday night I got to PA but we won't discuss that). I swatched for it. I made gauge. I stuck with the newborn size because I know I knit loosely. I had the perfect ribbon for the tie.
It turned out wide enough to fit Deb.
Deb was gracious, said that it'd be fine after layering a Tshirt underneath it, blah, blah. (Oh please--you'd have to layer so many Tshirts under it that the kid wouldn't be able to move!)

But really? This is a sign from the Knitting Gods. And I'm listening. See me, Knitting Gods? I give up, my hands are in the air, I surrender. From here on out, new babies will get hats or quilts. No more articles of clothing to be worn below the chin.


Patti said...

Opps! I think the mistake you made was to swatch. However it did have the potential to be cute, cute, cute!

Maybe the wide side could be wrapped around the back once and then tied? Just trying to help....

erica said...

I'd thought of that solution, too. The problem is that it moves the sleeve on that side too much and I think it would work more like a straight jacket.

Did I mention that I ended up hating the yarn, too? It made my hands hurt and it was splitty. I think I need to make a make-up gift.

Patti said...

It does make me giggle when I look at it. Make up gifts are always appreciated...You could of course froggit but if you hate the yarn that wouldn't be much fun.

kdh said...

you could consider sewing a lining in and kinda gathering up the width of the knitting. its a girl, so a few ruffles wouldn't hurt.

swatches completely suck!