Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Baby Blanket and Tag

Good Morning! Here is a picture of the completed baby blanket along with a tag I made for it. It gets wrapped up for Saturday. My dilema is-do I stuff it in abox from a department store or wrap it unboxed in lots of tissue ? I'm leaning toward unboxed. What do you think?Front of tag- says "Where did you come from baby dear?Out of the everywhere and into the here."
Back of tag left blank to personalize.
I tried to send a picture of the lemon quartz necklace but the picture wouldn't load so I'll try again later. I finished an Easter collage yesterday and am going to try to do a different one today.

Am having problems uploading pictures and the first time the whole thing went to a different blog-"kristensspot". I'll try again but there could be two postings.
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kristen said...

I think this is SOOOO cool! Erica told me she was amazed it was Red Heart Yarn -- I think it looks super expensive and fancy. The tag is just the right touch.

I would put it in a big old pretty bag so it stays light and fluffy -- no nasty Kauffman boxes for this!

Sorry about the dueling blog problem -- I think I was screwing around trying to figure out how to create a blog one day. I deleted it so THAT pesky problem doesn't happen again!

Erica is in San Fran, hanging out in a cool fabric store. I hope she takes pictures! (hint hint!)

patti said...

Yes, pictures and maybe some cool west coast ideas!

abi's mom said...

A very beautiful blanket--I'm going to have to try that pattern at some point. And it's true, I was astounded that it was Red Heart yarn. I absolutely love your tags, Patty.

Like an idiot, I didn't take my camera to San Fran because I usually just take it for a ride, but I definately regret it! I'll take pictures of the yarn and some fabric & ribbons I got and will post that.