Thursday, March 30, 2006

Collage In and On a Bottle

This is the front of the bottle I just collaged. It says~The power to accessorize-It's what separates the good witches from the bad.
The back of the bottle has the dictionary definition of fright. The photos are inside the bottle resting in white glitter.
Side view~the space between the two pictures is filled with beads. I thought it would be cute on top of a dresser as a reminder to never forgot the finishing touches! Is it to far out there?

Posted by Patti @5:10pm


kdh said...

That is SO cool! I totally love it -- where did you get the idea for the bottle?

So when are we opening our store, ladies?

patti said...

Let's do it soon because I can't keep making this stuff. There's no place left to put it and I'm not going to stop so it's becoming a problem!

kdh said...

too funny -- I bet you ARE running out of space! Luckily you have a daughter that will take your overflow ..

Hey, will you send me a sparkle buckle? I bought pearls to do that necklace but I don't have the right kind of buckle. Erica, this is the idea mom found for me!

And you should post your websites here, so we can go back and look at them!

abi's mom said...

It's official. I want to retire.

The bottle is quite cool, I definately like it. So you must whip something out about daily, Patti, no?

And let's definately put websites here, too. I love the necklace. It's actually a great website--I found a bag I'd really like (now there's a shocker, I know).