Sunday, July 08, 2007

A "See You Soon" gift

The Center for Family Research at GWU, where I worked through grad school and afterwards, is closing in the next month. This means that many old friends are moving on to new adventures. My dear friend Mignon, who was also our genius grants administrator, is moving to join her family in Texas. I made this for her so that she has something to hang on the wall of her new office when she gets down there.


Patti said...

I love it! What a lucky friend to receive such a wonderful present.
Did you sign it?

erica said...

Huh. No, I didn't sign it. Perhaps that's what I should do tonight when I get home. Thanks for reminding me!

Patti said...

I helped the great grandmothers make quilts for Oliver and it seemed important that their names be on the quilts along with the date. That is why it's still on my mind.

kdh said...

Wow that is the coolest! I love the color and the fabric combinations. But CFR is closing? WOW WOW! That's BIG news!

The quote is just perfect too.

Did she love it?

erica said...

Thanks, K. She did love it. And now she's off to Texas (her family is there).

Yeah, the CFR thing is kind of a big deal. Good old GW, always there to support research.


erica said...

Patti, I think we need an update on your shawl!