Monday, June 02, 2008

Progress & Something From Kristen

Here's the necklace with the final modifications. I like the sparkly bead. It perks it up a bit. Thanks for the suggestion! The shawl is slowly growing. I think I sorta, kinda have the pattern under control. The stitch markers have really helped me keep my place. So far, I've only resorted to the lifeline once and that was way at the beginning;).
Since K is busy jetting around, packing to move and running a business, I thought I'd post this necklace she made. I sorta, kinda borrowed it..OK , stole it from her when we were in Boston. She made 2 other ones and I had a tough time deciding which one to steal..err, borrow. That's all I've got for now! Hope you are doing things you love..
Love, Patti


kdh said...

Don't let her fool you -- she completely stole it. But that's ok -- i was completely thinking of her while I made it. That's why it wasn't completely bedecked with catholic regalia!

Love the silver necklace! How long is it??

Patti said...

The chain sits at my collar bone. Want to borrow/steal it?

kdh said...

I do I do!!!

Erica said...

I'd love to steal stuff from either of you!

And the shawl is looking great, Patti. Kinda makes me want to start a triangular one myself.

Patti said...

Want the pattern for the mine?

Erica said...

Ooh, I'd love "the your" pattern.

(sorry, I couldn't resist, especially after we couldn't find the typos in your previous post).

What weight yarn is it?

Patti said...

Opps! As usual I was on the run..very important date with the Toyota people and you know how car mechanics hate to be kept waiting.

I am using worsted weight but I think it may be a bit heavy. Won't find out until I block it. My summer shawl may turn into a winter shawl but that's OK because it might not get finished until winter.

I am enjoying the pattern alot!

Patti said...

By the way,I am getting rave reviews every time I wear K's necklace.I think I could have sold at least 2-3 by now.

Erica said...

But the mechanics don't care about making you wait, do they?

What I've found with blocking is that it sometimes loosens up the yarn. I was really afraid that K's would be too stiff, but it got all nice and drapey after blocking, so you may be OK.

Keep an eye out on's going to make some summer shawl patterns with Sea Silk.