Thursday, August 14, 2008

Zack's Sack

I did a little sewing last weekend.

It's a zipper bag for those times when we don't want to lug the diaper bag, but have a few more Zack-related items than will fit in the Skip Hop (which we use all the time, K--thanks!).
(Note the tomatoes from our garden in the background. The ones I manged to pick before someone stole them.)

It's about 12" x 14", and I had the brilliant idea to add a handle to it. Now I want to make another one for me to use as a clutch.
A gratuitous Zack shot, with his Sack.
"Thanks, Mom"


kdh said...

wow, that's too cool! What a great idea -- love the colors. In a pinch, you could put Zack in it too! :)

Erica said...

I thought of that, but it's too small--he's growing like a weed!

Patti said...

Love it! Such a good way to keep organized. Zack seems to think it tastes good...

Where do you find the time?

Anonymous said...

amy said...

still can't remeber my password.

that was my question too. where do you find the time, erica? i guess he isn't all that mobile yet. take advantage of the time now. when they start moving you are in trouble.
very cool bag. after a while the diaper bag does get to be too much to lug around. i agree.

abi's mom said...

Thanks, all! It came in handy at the beach these past 2 weeks.

As for the time, Rob gets Zack Afternoons every now and then so that I can hole myself up and sew. If I didn't do that, I'd go crazy. May be working on that anyway, but at least I'm delaying it a bit.