Friday, December 05, 2008

Christmas is coming!

I decorated for xmas this year -- haven't done that in a long while because honestly I haven't been entertaining and my old house wasn't particularly inspiring. But this year, my new employees are coming over for cocktails for the holidays, (and I have MANTLES -- one in every room!) and so I pulled out all the stops. The porch took me all of Thanksgiving day (and I could walk the rest of the weekend because of going up the ladder so many times!).
What do you think??


Patti said...

Totally awesome!! I gasped-in a good way- when I saw your porch. It was totally unexpected. I think it is so cool!! Makes me wish i could throw away all my traditional stuff and start year. I just finished this year.

Erica said...

First, let me say that you have awesome mantels.

And that sounds a lot worse than it should.

Second, I LOVE the porch. Are those just paper lanterns? From whence did they come?

Third, will you come decorate my house? We're getting a tree, but I"m not seeing much more than that happening this year.

kdh said...

I DO have awesome mantels, huh? perhaps that makes up for the frosty breeze that floats through the place when the temperature drops below 50!

Yep, paper laterns. The white ones are from Ikea (imagine!!) and the green and red ones are from World Market. Do you have work market there? its a very cool place.

Erica said...

You need to go invest in some weather stripping.

We do have a World Market--out by G Street. I always forget about it, but clearly I need to put it back on the radar!

patti said...

We do not have a World Market, an Ikea or a Trader Joe's! But we do have Vidler's. Does that count?

dad said...

Finally remembered to check out the blog. K, everything looks great, but you need some snow for the outdoor decor!