Friday, April 24, 2009

A New Baby Gift

A gift for a little baby named Henry who is due to make his appearance any day now. I knitted his big sister a blanket when she was born but didn't want to knit another so I did this simpler and faster blanket. Of course, I had to knit something and fell back on the old reliable umbilical cord hat. I just love this pattern. I realize this seems like a heavy gift for a spring baby but after all he does live in OR.

Anyone else making anything? I need some inspiration. Finally a nice weekend here-in the 70s so maybe I'll do some gardening? Patti


amy said...

very nice. i like the colors of the fleece. i think that blanket style will be my new baby go to gift too. hat is cute too, of course.

i'm currently working on some quilted wall hangings. i'll post when i'm done. i also recently knitted a scarf with fabric. i'll post that soon too.

it's suppose to hit the 80's here this weekend. i need some spring weather.

Erica said...

Very cute! I love those little hats--so cute and easy.

I just looked out the window and two women are walking down the street pulling grills. Whatever.

I've been working on a lot of stuff. My latest obsession seems to be circular shawls/blankets. I finished one and am working on 2 others. I'll post them eventually.

I was alone at home this weekend (!!!!) so I've been sewing up a storm this weekend, since sewing is so hard when Zack is around (he wants to "help"). I've been working on a bunch of zipper bags. I'm also making a bunch of felt food that will be birthday gifts for my friend's daughters. I'm making some for Zack, too. I'll definitely post those because I'm really pleased with how they turned out!

90 here today! I need to go figure out where I put my shorts. Enjoy the spring weather!

kdh said...

Awesome gift! Great colors for a boy baby. Everyone is working so hard at crafting -- I keep thinking of ideas but have yet to execute anything. Maybe I'm just lazy!

I'd love to see the wall hangings and the circular shawls!

Mom, post that cool necklace you made from the awesome book you lent me that I keep looking at and drooling over!