Monday, July 06, 2009

More from Quincy

happy belated 4th.
here is the crayon bag that i made for my friend brandi's little girl, addie.  it's for her birthday which was in april.  oops!  better late than never, right?  the draw string bag is for brandi's birthday which was last week.  i'll be seeing her on wednesday so i hope she doesn't follow this blog or i've ruined the surprise.  i hope you all had a nice 4th.  


Patti said...

Just ran across this.... Very nice bags! I love the fabrics.

Who is that cutie in the patriotic glasses??

kdh said...

Very nice! I love the crayon bag -- very cool to grab for pre-dinner distraction. And the string bag is cool. I've actually be thinking of making one -- they're great for travel because they fold flat but you can carry it, when full, as a backpack. Awesome! Was it easy to make?

You've been very productive -- I feel like a slacker. I have a baby project on the needles and a quilt in my head but I haven't executed anything yet!