Thursday, June 10, 2010


I think it was on the Made blog that I saw a tutorial for making simple pull-on pants for boys. So obvious, really, but I never would have thought of it myself. You just trace a pair that you already have, cut out 4 pieces, and sew them together. Oh, wait. I forgot the step where you rip it out umpteen times because you can't figure out how the heck pants are assembled.

Anyway, this super-cute elephant fabric jumped out at me when I went to Spool in Philadelphia a few months ago. I had to get some since Z loves elephants. I was pretty happy with how the pants turned out, and Zack seemed to be OK with them, too.

Note the armful of trucks. This is a constant around our house.

And they worked for an impromptu dip in the pool, too.

I was so amused with these that I had to make him another pair. This is a craptastic picture, but I love this pair--gray cotton with a chartreuse waistband. He looks like a little yoga boy when he wears them with his Crocs.

After making these I had a sudden flash of brilliance--that this technique would probably work for simple drawstring pajama shorts for me, too! I wear pj shorts all year long, but the only ones that I can find that I like only come in flannel, cost an annoying amount for what they are, and, well, flannel in summer? Not so much. So I tried it--traced a pair of the ones that I like, used some cotton that I had, and sewed them up (after ripping them out about 3 times). I used grosgrain ribbon for the tie. And now they're in the laundry, so no pictures. But as far as I'm concerned, the experiment was a success that resulted in some lightweight pj bottoms that I'll wear a lot. Woo hoo!


patti said...

I love those! So the waistband is a separate piece with elastic thru it?

Erica said...

Yep, a separate piece of fabric. It's probably not "by the book", but his pants don't fall down! :)

kdh said...

wow I'm really late to this party. But I love the pants! And it reminds me of how much I loved to make "jams" in high school. Maybe I'll make some shorts -- you've inspired me!

Erica said...

Just FYI--the pair I made for myself doesn't look nearly as cute as Z's, though I didn't worry much about fit given they were PJ's.

And Ack! Jams! Flashback!