Monday, May 21, 2012

More Crochet!

Here are my latest creations!

Super cute bear

 Rudolph the reindeer
 My super cute model with my creations!
 And Mr. Raccoon!
 My favorite part is his tail.
I'm so excited I made all these critters.  The kids and I love them!


Patti said...

They are even more awsome in person!

kristen said...
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kristen said...

Adorable! Totally! and I'm impressed because I could never make any sense out of crochet instructions. I think I like the blue bird best.

Thanks for keeping the blog going, amy. In contrast to my blog counter parts who are all making amazing things, I'm just NOT. I think about it -- but then I go change a diaper or write a proposal or fold laundry instead :)

And as an aside -- the girls use the blanket you made them every day! They're our "play on top" blankets and they are ceremoniously unfurled each morning in the living room and piled high with toys. In many ways, now, they function as a sort of wrestling mat that my two ten month olds maul each other on daily!

amy said...

I'm so glad the girls use the blankets so much. I can't wait to see them next weekend. I can't stand it!
I'm surprised you even think about crafting with the busy life you have. you'll find time eventually right?
I'm not sure what has come over me with the crochet. it's become a sick obsession.
I love this blog! I love seeing what everyone else is making even though we have all slowed down due to babies and grandbabies. it's a great way to stay connected.