Tuesday, July 11, 2006

So enough already!

SO... At least for now, I am very much done with the moebius thing. I am tired of wool yarn and felting. I hope when the cool weather comes I will get a second wind because there are some more really neat patterns in the book that I would like to tackle. Every time DH looks at the finished bowl he laughs and shakes his head. He really thinks it is ridiculous. I think it's cool especially now that all my yet to be used yarn is piled in it. Only problem is, I'm not sure where to put it. It did turned out to be rather large. It is also a little fuzzy for my tastes but I'm going to see if I get use to it before I attempt to shave it.
I made this lap blanket and small pillow for a friend who had knee surgery today. She really seemed to like it. She said the color purple is healing. I figure it will come in handy especially as she will be going to a rehab place for 10-14 days .

I had the most fun making the tag. I'm not entirely sure she understood my attempt at humor but she was impressed that I made it.

Once again I am searching for a new project. What next?

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abi's mom said...

I really like the bowl! But tell me this--what does the moebius knitting get you? I looked through the book and there's lots of cool patterns, but the method of knitting looks awfully complicated for what you get out of it. Of course, if I would have actually read the book, perhaps I could figure that out for myself. :)

The blanket & pillow are great, too--and I like your humor! I'll have to remember that purple is healing--did you know that before you made it?

kdh said...

Bee's knees! Perfect. You two are the coolest. Great stuff!

How big is the bowl?

patti said...

Mostly what moebius gets you is no seams-no beginning, no end. If you look close at the rim of the bowl you can see where it twists. We had that discussion at the yarn store and the general concensus was that you could do the same thing by just knitting straight and seaming ends. It is suppose to be very spiritual (as per the book) but it does complicate the knitting process. Fun to try~I did it for the challenge of seeing if I could figure it out.

I knew there were colors for different things but I didn't pick purple because I knew that for certain.

Bowl is 12" round and 7" high. Pretty substantial.

abi's mom said...

Then given my general lack of patience, I may forego the moebius knitting for now. Though I love your results! My next project, however, is to make another halter top for Kayla--the one I finished and sent to her got lost in the mail!

abi's mom said...

Hey, did you guys see that we got an anon post? Under the This and That post. Woo hoo!

abi's mom said...
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