Saturday, April 14, 2007

After a long drought!

I finally got a chance to be productive in a non-paperwork way. That is a good thing, since my hands were very jealous of all the work my brain was doing! There were a good number of projects on the docket, and I enjoyed switching between all of them in my extremely non-linear, non-patterned, very messy sort of way all afternoon long....

The first project is a quilt I made for my former coworker Cindy, who just had a baby boy named Bennett. I used fabric from my stash for the top of the quilt, but struggled a bit with the backing until I decided to go simple and just use cream flannel (I didn't think my old standby of fleece would work, since this is a California baby). Of course, one layer of flannel still showed through, so I had to do two layers. Orange rickrack around the edge was the finishing touch. And yes -- I did pick the tiger because he matched.

Then I moved on to an experiment of sorts. Erica will remember this fabric from some stash augmentation we did in DC last time I was there. I decided to use it to do some improvizational quilting where I kinda just started sewing stuff together. I'm not sure, honestly, how I feel about how its working out. I will tell you that there's not a straight line in the thing, so I have no idea how, if ever, I'm going to finish it with a backing and such. But for now its fun, even if its not particularly efficient with fabric!

Mom, are you twitching yet??

There were other things too, but of course those are surprises so I can't post them, but I imagine you'll see them soon enough! I'm off to Walmart to buy wrapping supplies so I can send the baby gift on its way!


erica said...

You're scaring me--Bennett's quilt could have been made from my stash, and I think I even made a quilt with those fabrics together (I'll have to dig out that picture to show you). So of course I think it's absoulutely fabulous! :)

I like the brown one. I can't click on those pics to make them bigger--I'm curious about what looks like a tree?

kdh said...

it IS a tree! I found that fabric in a store down here. I'll send you a bigger picture. I wonder why some pictures click and others don't?

Patti said...

I am indeed twitching but so jealous that you can do that so effortlessly. Working without a pattern produces sooo much anxiety for me. Hopefully, I am getting better thanks to my mentors.

Check out the wavy seam tutorial in Pink Chalk's blog. That might be a way to finish your edges and square things up?

kdh said...

Thinking about it, E, I think we may have bought those fabrics together ... they're really from deep in my stash!

The problem with sewing is that now I want to do that instead of work!

erica said...

Us? Buy fabric together??? Can't imagine it!


amy said...

nice blanket, like the tiger too.
very cool fabrics, like the brown ones. any ideas of what it will become?? blanket, pillow, bag???