Monday, April 02, 2007

The Never Ending Birthday!

Believe it or not I got more birthday presents over the weekend. You see, I had not seen my sisters since my birthday and Friday night we all got together for dinner.
A storybook for grandmothers and a bunny candle that I was advised was not edible! My youngest sister is sure I am such a chocolate fiend that she must warn me and she's right! It sure smells like chocolate.

A hummingbird feeder and food from my ever so thoughtful nephews. They claimed they shopped for hours;).

A beautiful glass latern and yummy smelling candle from my line dancing buddy. The book, I am told was not part of the present, just something my sister thought I would enjoy. What's wrong with my neck?

These bunnies are what I made my sisters for their Easter gifts. They seemed to really like them and I had a blast making them. The bunnies were totally unadorned. I found them at Vidlers-i love Vidlers-! They definitely needed some dressing up!
I apologize if the pictures are blurry~ I am a bit under the weather and everything seems to be fuzzy to me. Just a bit of a cold. I'm going to go nap now and by tomorrow I'll be right as rain.


erica said...

There's nothing better than having an extended birthday, is there?

I want to be able to click on the bunny pic to see them up close, but can't! What I can see is lovely.

I hope you're feeling less fuzzy tomorrow!

amy said...

nice gifts. you are a lucky girl.
cool easter rabbits.
hope you feel better soon. :)

Anonymous said...

wowza -- so fun! i too tried to click the picture to see those rascally rabbits close up -- but alas.

I'm taking a picture of my desk after this week is over. That's crafty!

Patti said...

Will send a picture of the rabbits...

kdh said...

lookit -- these grants are making me lose my identity!