Thursday, March 29, 2007

two paper projects

i made these two things yesterday. the "h" was suppose to be my first experiment with embellishing letters. but i had to do Harry's first. the "h" is paper mache. i just torn pieces of scrapping paper and mod podged them on and sealed them. very easy. the address book was a kit i got at papersource. love that store. this was also very easy by just mod podgeing (is that a word?) the paper on the cardboard for the top and bottom of the book. then sandwich the actual address book between them. i've also been working on a lot of cards, will post them soon.
P.S.- notice in the top picture (upper right corner) some little beagle feet and legs. she just had to get in the picture somewhere.


kdh said...

wow really cool -- and crafting on a Wednesday! I like the papers very much. But is it an indication I'm not paying attention that I've never seen these free standing letters you all have put to such good use in the stores? How can I miss a rack full of 26 different paper mache letters?

I LOVE mod pogeing!

Patti said...

I like the H alot. The 'holtz" tag makes it. I have seen wooden letters but I don't think I've seen paper mache.

Who doesn't need a new address book?

Paper Source~another store that we don't have along with Trader Joe's and Sephora. How very bacwards of Buffalo!

amy said...

the crafting on a wednesday is due to not having to go into work until 12. both projects did go quick too. i let them dry throughout my work day and embellished when i got home.
the only place that i've seen the paper mache letters has been at papersource.
i'm in love with mod podgeing now too. the possibilities are endless.
sorry patti that you don't have a papersource near you. maybe we could sneak a trip to that fabulous store next weekend. :)

Patti said...

Count me in on the trip to Paper Source!

kdh said...

are there even enough words to express how much I want to be making something that's not a proposal? I'm jonesing!

erica said...

Are you taking pics of your proposals? I really think you should post them. It certainly fits under "paper".