Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Christmas in March

My Grandma is selling her house.
It's the house that she and my late Grandpa built 50+ years ago. I love this house and wish I could teleport it to Silver Spring. But NASA and the Army aren't returning my calls, so I guess that's not going to happen. It's a very large house, not in a McMansion-y sort of way--very comfortable and cozy, but big enough for me to have plenty of space to do gymnastics in the living room when I was (much) younger.

I went up on Saturday to help go through things and I just have to share a bit of the treasure that I returned with.
Most of this is her Christmas ornaments. Grandma hasn't had a tree for a number of years for various reasons. I've always loved her ornaments andI was not about to say No when she said I could have them now. I was a little afraid that reality wouldn't live up to my memories, but for the most part I wasn't disappointed.

These were given to my Grandma by her mother-in-law.
These you put over the lights (those old, big ones--I've got those, too) and they spin.
I was only disappointed by these.
You're supposed to stick them on the lights and they look like glowing snow. At the moment, they kind of look like matted cotton and I'm pretty sure they're made of fiber glass. These might go away.

A box of bulbs for the outdoor lights. And yep, they're as big as you think they are.
A postcard of my grandparent's restaurant.
A crock.
A cactus. Have I ever told you about Grandma and her cacti? That's another post.
I'm now ready for any entertaining emergency with tablecloths and napkins.
And the coup de grace---The Chicken.
Yep, ugly as sin. But if I remember anything from my Grandma's house, it's The Chicken. Grandpa was in the chicken business, so there were lots of random chicken things in the house, but everyone knows which chicken is meant by "the chicken". Funny how your memory tricks you bit. I would have sworn that this was made of tin because the tail feathers are sharp, but it's ceramic. One of the tail feathers broke in transit, so some repair will be necessary.

Rob and I haven't had a Christmas tree for 2 years--I can't wait to have a truly special one this year adorned with Grandma's treasure.


Patti said...

I love old Christmas ornaments. They have been a passion of mine for many years. Lucky girl to have your grandmother's ornaments as keepsakes.

I have a turle from my grandmother that is the one thing I remember about her house, much like you remeber the chicken.

kdh said...

HOLY cow (or chicken!) look at the loot! That is so wonderful to have so many things from your gramma. To say I'm envious of the ornaments is an understatement!

You may want to quickly research the fiberglass snow balls on Ebay before you toss-- that looks like the kind of thing that might actually and unexplicable be worth 100s of dollars.

GREAT post.

erica said...

Oooh...good point about the sno balls. Will procrastinate with that now.