Friday, March 02, 2007

Stash To Go

This is the knitting bag I worked on yesterday. I ran into a few problems and had to change the way I did the handles since I wanted to use the plastic handles. All in all, I think it will serve the purpose for which it was intended and-this is major- I used fabric and trims that I already HAD! I will admit to fighting the urge to run out and buy interfacing when I discovered I didn't have a piece big enough. I fought the urge and with a little counseling from K, I was able to carry on.
Here are a couple of web sites, just for fun. I do love the craft apron and it seems right up Erica's alley since there is no pattern, it's random squares and I can picture words on it.
Happy weekend to all! I will try not to think about K & E being together in D.C. Remember you promised-NO shopping!:]


Erica said...

No shopping here!! But I do have to admit to just a little stash augmentation.

amy said...

cool bag. and it's full already. that didn't take long. pretty fabric.

kdh said...

lol -- I love that. Not shopping at all. Stash augmentation is a GREAT word!

I love it! I will admit I had a somewhat horrific mental image so I'm glad I'm wrong. But let me get this right -- was it no PATTERN either?

Patti said...

No comment on the "no pattern".

Where is everyone??? I bet your SHOPPING!!!!

erica said...

I was making cupcakes--more about that later.

And I do really love the bag! what a nice way to display stash! And you know, I ran across the felting website a couple days ago and loved it! I downloaded instructions (from Martha) about how to make those little balls and it doesn't seem hard. I love the little aprons, too. Rob may really roll his eyes at that one!