Wednesday, March 07, 2007

7 Degrees!

What does one do when it is March and the high for the day is 7 degrees?
I grumbled and moaned and decided there would never be a better excuse to bake. Oatmeal cookies came to mind because oatmeal is good for you right?
Next I decided to do a little crafting. I fooled around with my computer and some old book pages and managed to print some images right on the pages. I am sure there must be an easier way but it's a start. Once the images were printed I made them into tags. I used stamps and markers and made a lovely mess. Oh so satisfying.

The mailman brought me a special treat. ( I should have given him a cookie.) Last week I bid on this item and I WON! Yes, it is a paper peanut. Take a peek inside. I couldn't resist it since our expected babe is nicknamed Peanut. It required a bit of glue to get it back into shape but is tip top now.

It was getting close to 5:00-somewhere- and I really felt a tropical drink might lift my spirits. Not having to much available in the house and deciding that I was not going to venture out, I scrounged around. Champaigne and strawberries worked quite nicely. Put on my favorite Jimmy Buffet CD and for a few moments-until I had to go put on a 2nd pair of socks- I could almost believe.

Somewhere between my 2nd and 3rd glass of bubbly I remebered the stew I had put in the crockpot earlier and was so happy I had the foresight to make sure we would eat on such a cold, cold day.

Today it is still cold but I am going OUT. Anywhere, somewhere but out! Much as I loved my day in hibernation I am stir crazy. Think I'll make an appointment for a facial or go and augment my stash. Who knows, if I have enough clothes on maybe I could do both.



erica said...

What a great day! Except for the 7 degree weather, of course. Who needs that?

You know what I'm most impressed with? That your scrounging unearthed champagne and strawberries! THAT is what I aspire to!

kdh said...

yes, seriously -- scrounging in my house results in freezer burned edamame and bourbon -- of course the bourbon.

Both your posts are making me feel inadequate. If I did a blog of my domesticity it would involve a picture of my computer desk and a lean cuisine. And its likely to stay that way until mid-April!

Although WICKED cool, the peanut child is vaguely disturbing. Just because of a scale, I think. Big for a peanut. Small for a baby. WHY do you think they made something like that?

amy said...

nice candle holder in the top picture. :) the peanut thing is weird but whatever floats your boat. stew looks very yummy.