Friday, May 11, 2007

For A Friend's Birthday

This is the finished bag. It took way longer than it should have! As usual, I over thought it. I'm pretty tired of dealing with it right now so tell me what YOU think.
I did 2 pictures so hopefully you can double click at least one to see it up close.
Happy weekend!!!!!Patti


amy said...

very pretty fabric. why was it such a pain to put together? i think your hard work paid of. it looks great.

kristen said...

wow it came out BEAUTIFUL! but my goodness you made it harder than we talked about. What happened to the easy breezy tabs??

Thanks to your angst, though, it did come out even more beautiful -- I really like that you can see a little more of the lining fabric. Aunt Carolyn is going to love it!

Patti said...

I did make it harder which was an attempt to make it easier (follow that?). The fabric was hard to work with because of the heavy embroidery. No ease at all, except where it was just silk and then to much ease. At one point, it almost ended in the trash.

On another note, I just received 2 beautiful handmade by Amy cards. I love them both but maybe the Mothers Day one a tiny bit better. Nice work and thank you!

erica said...

Wow! That's lovely! All w/o a pattern? It's impressive, with or w/o a pattern!

kdh said...

There was a pattern. oh yes, there was a pattern. hmmhmmm

Patti said...

I'm not confessing to's all circumstantial evidence!

Can't wait to hear about Portland!!