Friday, May 25, 2007

Skirt or Purse Lining

Hey Everyone!
Happy Memorial Day weekend. How is everyone and what are your plans for the weekend? I know what Amy will be doing since today is the official due date!
I bought this fabric and want to make a skirt but I am wondering if it is ugly? Does it look like shamrocks? I really don't need a shamrock skirt. So, what do you think?
Wish you were all closer so we could have a big old fashioned Memorial Day picnic complete with hot dogs and watermelon.


kdh said...

I think it would make a nice skirt. It is a little like shamrocks though. Ladies, we're all going to need to weigh in on this one!

Is that REALLY the weather in WNY on memorial day weekend? CRAZY! Its usually cold and rainy! If you can promise it is going to stay that way, I'll be there, hot dogs in hand!

erica said...

It looks less like shamrocks in the big picture than it does in the little picture, so that's good. Is it linen? For whatever reason, my first thought was a jacket rather than a skirt.

It's going to be nice in DC this weekend, too--bizarre!

kdh said...

you know, I could fully get behind a jacket too. I think that would be better than a skirt.

kdh said...

update on the fabric -- mom reports that its a nice rayon, not a heavy linen. It looks like a weighty linen in the picture. So I think the jacket is a "no go"

I say try the skirt. What do you have to lose?

erica said...

I agree--the fabric type makes a big difference. I also say go for the skirt. If you hate it, it can still be a bag lining.

Patti said...

Now there's a plan!