Sunday, September 23, 2007

A Santa Fe Teaser

The first is what I came home with. The second is La Lana Wool in Taos--a wonder I didn't come back with more.

Though I need to say that Rob is an enabler--I have 6 more balls of yarn than I would have without his input.

It seemed like it had been far less than a year and a half since K and Patti and I had been there. It was so great to be back. I posted more pictures here and you can check out my other post here. We took so many pictures! And had a ton of fun. I'll have more pictures of treasures to post soon.

I do just want to mention that I am still creeped out by the fact that I could tell that a spider was crossing the road as we drove by at about 50 mph.


Patti said...

The colors are so Santa Fe. Just beautiful. I have some stuff to post but this work thing is seriously getting in the way of what I would rather be doing. Soon!

PS Loved the other pics also!

kdh said...

oh santa fe! the pictures are just beautiful. I'm so glad you had a good time!

erica said...

Work? Patti, I thought you were retired?!

Patti said...

So did I!!!!
Will fill you in on the details when I get home from WORK today.Uggggh!