Thursday, September 14, 2006

An Exciting New Contest!

In an effort to keep us all busy-or crazy-I am offering a crafters challenge. Shortly you will receive in the mail a small piece of drift wood that I found while walking along the shore of Lake Erie on a beautiful day!

Let your imaginations soar and see what you can make with this. There are no rules for the contest so you can do anything you want to the wood. We can set a date for showing of our completed projects. Let me know how long you need. 2 weeks? 3 weeks? and then we can post pictures. If you think this is just to crazy and that I've gone over the edge, you're right!

Here are pictures of the necklace I finished. They are both made from old stuff I found at flea makets. The gold one is a shoe buckle and the pewter one is from Renningers (the last time we went together). It was a necklace. I am really liking putting together odd combinations. Are they to odd?

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