Monday, January 08, 2007

Knitted Baby Set

Here is the adorable set.


erica said...

I love it! The ribbon really sets it off. I can't tell if it's pink or red????

amy said...

the ribbon is dark red and green. the sweater and hat are red but a lighter shade. very cute in person.

erica said...

It's very cute in the picture, too, it just looked hot pink and I didn't think you were far enough along to have learned the sex, yet. Not that boys can't wear pink, but given that I had a friend get chastised for putting her little boy in a white snow suit (the woman was annoyed that she couldn't tell the sex), I can't even imagine the public outcry for putting a little boy in a pink sweater and hat.

But the sweater is definately cute, no matter what color it is!