Wednesday, February 28, 2007

More Wonderful Surprises!

Look at what I got yesterday! Beautiful flowers from Kristen and I do mean beautiful. I have never seen such huge blossoms on roses. They smell divine .
Guess what's in this box?
Raspberry peach tea and raspberry peach champaigne jam from Amy & Adam. Yummy!
I'm going to make some toast and tea as soon as I finish this post.
I had a wonderful birthday. Thank you, thank you! I miss you all terribly.


kdh said...

Wowza! Lots and lots of people love you. The tea and toast kit sounds awesome -- that stonewall kitchen jam ROCKS!

erica said...

Beee-uuu-tiful flowers! I can smell them from here! And the jam and tea sound fabulous! Sounds like you're all set for an afternoon of knitting or some such!

amy said...

beautiful roses, wish i could see them in person.
i'm glad you liked the tea and jam.