Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Reinvigoration of Blog

Yesterday there were crocuses... there was a wintry mix. Sigh.

So there was really nothing to do but go for a walk in the snow with Rob and the pooch, then sit inside and drink hot chocolate (oh, my, did I get some good stuff--it's "drinking chocolate". YUMMMMMM!) and be domestic.

One thing I worked on was the baby blanket that my friend Suzanne is having me knit for her to give to her sister. It's a simple pattern, just basket weave, but it's good in-front-of-the-TV knitting. And the yarn she picked out is really nice--Plymouth Yarn Jean nee (with an accent). Cotton and acrylic--super soft.

This second project, however, gave me a headache. It's a quilt for Rob's parents' Christmas present. Yes, Christmas 2006. We're hoping that "Better late than never" applies here. Rob wanted to help design it. So this is what he came up with:

Rob is nothing if not optimistic.

Not only do I tend to work only in squares, but you all know I'm spatially challenged to boot.

I had to resort to a paper mock up to figure out the easiest way to do the stripes in the triangles. I drew the pattern on paper and cut out the triangles (there were 4, but I lost one).

Then I rearranged them to figure out how I could cut a square in half to make my life easier.

Even with that, I've got the stripes on the triangles going 2 differnet ways.

The final product turned out alright though, I think (the pooch was pooped after her romp in the snow). But a further challenge was cutting out the blue triangles that go between the patterned squares. I made about 4 trips to G Street in 3 days because I can't figure out how much fabric I need to save my life. And you know, in the course of only a few hours they ran out of the dark blue. Figures.


ufo-123 said...

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kdh said...

yay e, leading the blog reinvigoration! Love it.

I am duly impressed by the quilt -- its pretty amazing (and brave, to let rob lead the design. Don't you remember the "how should we arrange the carpet squares day?")

Mom was telling me all about itsy shops too. Mom, do share!

erica said...

Were you there for that? oy. I'd repressed that, but yes I do remember (and the carpet laying went much more smoothly this time around.)

But he had wanted me to cock all the diamond at random angles rather than arrange them neatly in triagles.

THAT idea got quashed rather quickly!

erica said...

Do you mean I've checked that out and it might be a good idea!

patti said...

The quilt is amazing! It looks very complicated....

What nice tranquil pictures of snow. Our snow is still 3' high and very dirty looking. I know the crocouses-how do you spell that?- are out there but it will be months before I can find them-sigh.

Love the baby blanket. I am on the last strip of the one I'm doing for our babe. Then the dreaded job of putting it together.

erica said...

This baby blanket is all in once piece, so no assembly required. Which means there's a much higher probability of me finishing it!

amy said...

nice quilt, erica. very cool that your honey was involved. i wonder if i could ever get adam to help design something crafty. he's been trying to get me to play xbox with him so i guess it should work both ways.