Thursday, October 16, 2008

Look, I made two green things!

I made this guy...
...a sweater.
Yarn look familiar, K? There's still some left, if you want it back.
It's from Weekend Knits, and made of linen yarn, generously donated by K. Maybe if I wasn't actually attending to the baby I was making the sweater for, it would have been done in a weekend. Suffice it to say, it was not. It's too big, but it's in the washer as we speak, and I figure he'll fit into it before the winter is out.

The second green thing is a scarf.

Imagine, me making a scarf. Oh, the novelty.

The pattern, from Green Mountain Spinnery, and the yarn were purchased this past May at MDSW.
I'm totally enthralled by these stitches that are super simple but make the fabric turn into some shape other than square. I'm making another scarf like that now, and it's just amuses me to no end.

Not that it takes much.

I've also decided that I REALLY like sock yarn for scarves. Making socks holds no interest for me (which I think may be blasphemy these days, but so be it), but the yarn rocks for scarves. Soft, drapy, and shows patterns fabulously. I think I'll be looking for some more when I'm at Rhinebeck this weekend.

Oh, wait, did I tell you I was going to Rhinebeck? Turns out, our friends Dom & Margaret live about 30 minutes away from it and Margaret has wanted to check it out for awhile now, but never has.

Which was all the opening I needed to invite ourselves up for the weekend.


skid loader rental said...
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kristen said...

ok, I don't know what was up with the spam comments, but that was really annoying. Thanks E for the tip about putting the word verification on to reduce such nonsense. Ya'll should see that now.

kristen said...

BUT now onto the important stuff -- the green things! I have to say that I must be overtired because I couldn't figure out why you were calling Zack a green thing. I got it now.

Love love love the sweater and so glad the yarn got used -- does the linen/silk feel wonderful when knit up?

And I also love the scarf -- you know how much I love green so I'm a giant fan of this post!

Will do take pictures at Rhinebeck so we can live vicarously though you? And if you see the yarn harlot, get her autograph for me, pretty please!

Patti said...

All the spam scared me off yesterday.

I do love the green things also. I am dying to knit a toddler sweater but haven't zeroed in on one yet.

I'm going to knit a pumpkin hat for a certain someone this weekend. I'll let you know how that goes.

I second the request for Rhinebeck pics!! Sounds like fun...Me, I'm cleaning my dusty, nasty house. UGH!!

abi's mom said...

Word verification! THAT would be what that's called, not the convoluted thing I tried to spit out. Glad you got it, K.

So the yarn for the sweater knit really nicely, but you know, linen for a sweater is just a bad idea. It's got no elasticity so it just grows...and grows...and grows...He'll be wearing this when he's 4.

You guys are going to be seriously disappointed by the Rhinebeck pics. I took 2 while there. But I'll also take a pic of the yarn I got. I pretty much stayed away from Erica Blue and Weimaraner Grey again.

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