Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What..me swatch? NEVER!

See this cute "little" pumpkin hat I knit for Oliver? Who needs to swatch? It's just a hat ...Adam was very diplomatic when he called to say the package had arrived and it was a bit big but very cute.
OK, Adam. I get it. It's ENORMOUS.

I sat down and actually swatched! I discovered I needed to go down 2 needle sizes and I cut the circumference by 8 stitches. I'm mailing the new one today and have my fingers crossed.
Lesson learned! Patti


Erica said...

Story of my life! Though even if I do swatch, the swatch usually lies....
The hat is too cute!!!

erica said...

And you know what? Now Adam and Oliver have matching Father-Son hats!

kdh said...

now THAT is a funny picture! Babies do have big heads, so I don't blame you for thinking it was the right size -- how did the smaller one work out?

I agree with E -- matching father-son hats is a great idea. Why don't you do that for the maloot and mini-maloot?

Patti said...

Verdict is still out on the smaller one, although it did look better size-wise. O should get in the mail today or tom.

I told Adam he should wear the hat to school on Friday. Wonder if he's brave enough to do it?