Friday, October 31, 2008


I'm such a bad blogger. These are the only 3 pictures I took at Rhinebeck.

This is the angora goat that Margaret wanted to take home.
I did buy yarn, though. I tried to stay away from Erica Blue and Weimaraner again, and I did pretty well.

This one is actually very subtle shades of green and gold and isn't as drab as it seems here.
You can see it a little better here. That's 2500 yards of lace weight, baby!
The hank shows the colors of this one better, but I like the yarn cake pictures.
There had to be just a little bit of my blue.
I'm curious to see how it'll knit up.

So Rhinebeck was good, but I'm not sure why it's better than MD Sheep and Wool. Except for the time of year. Scenes like this
and this
make you feel more like knitting than a nice May day. But I don't think there were any more vendors at Rhinebeck, I'm not sure the vendors were better, and you had to pay to get in. Plus, there wasn't nearly as much lamb to be eaten. I'm not sure I'd make the trek if we didn't have friends that live so close by.

But since we do, I may just invite myself up again next year.


kdh said...

wOW -- it does very much look the part -- makes ME want to knit too! I can't wait to see what lovely lace you make out of those yarns. I'm missing knitting today, seriously!

The curly headed sheep was awesome.

Patti said...

Yarn, beautiful yarn! I just wish I could finish ONE thing. I currently have 2 scaves more or less half done and 2 shawls in the same boat. I also have a really cobwebby scarf that I love the color of but have not even cast on.