Thursday, November 02, 2006

Costumes and pumpkins!

Look at the Halloween costume I made my favorite 2 year old! it will probably fit him next year, so the plan is to find lots more cool patches for him in the meantime. And isn't it cool that they do Mr. Potatohead pieces for pumpkins?


amy said...

very cool kristen. he is one lucky little boy to have your craftiness around. the pumpkin is most excellent as well.

erica said...

You KNOW he's not going to want to be a race car driver next year, don't you? :)

It's very cute! Can we contribute patches if we find good ones?

Great punkin', too. I heard this story about a scuba diving club who had an underwater pumpkin carving contest in a river. I think I like the Mr. Potatohead pieces better.

patti said...

The pumpkin cracked me up! Especially his "cheeks"-markers or crayons?

The quest is on for patches! Did he wear his costume to school?