Monday, November 27, 2006


The throw is finished! Although not a hard project, it was alot of sewing and thinking.

The back is black polar fleece.



erica said...

It looks fabulous! It wouldn't look nearly as good if you'd used a pattern. :) The stripey fabric is great as a border. Did you do some stamping on the random blocks? I'm guessing so, but I can't quite tell.

patti said...

I did do some stamping. I bought the paint you suggested and used some stamps I had gotten from Amy thru StampItUp. I only did one word..Contemplate.. The rest were just designs.

If you double click the picture I think it will enlarge so you can see the stamping better.

amy said...

very nice. i really like the colors. can't wait to see it in person. very cool that you did the stamping. i need to try that sometime.

patti said...

Finally! Tomorrow is the big day!! Wish I was there to help.