Sunday, November 12, 2006

Yarn & Fabric

Here are some projects I am going to tackle.

The first is a throw to help tie the colors of the living room together. The fabric on the far left covers the seats on the dining room chairs. It is very busy so picking fabrics is not very easy. I went to the sewing center in EA and was mildly surprised at the cost per yard of these beauties-$9. Is that alot or am I out of touch? I really need some more prints I think. Three just isn't going to cut it. The striped fabric is green, even though it appears dark in the picture. I'm thinking, black of some sort for certain. Tell me what you think..all suggestions welcome.

The second project is a for a baby blanket. Amy picked out the pattern last weekend and I went to Wooly Lamb and picked out this yarn. It is so soft. It is knit in strips so it should be pretty quick. I can't wait to start it!

That's it from here!~Patti


kdh said...

wow cool projects! $9 is on the high side for fabric, but not entirely unreasonable I don't think... the colors are great!

I wonder if you could use some other kinds of prints too -- why not make it really bold? I love the big chair cover fabric,b ut you don't have too much of that left for the throw, right? So I'd mix in some prints of different scales -- some big and bold ones too. Why not?

The yarn is in great colors. Love it!

erica said...

There seems to be a group of calicos that runs about $9, unfortunately.

I agree with KDH about adding bold stuff--go crazy!

And I love the yarn colors! It'll be really pretty-can't wait to see the finished product!

amy said...

thanks for showing us your up coming projects. cool fabrics.
love the yarn colors too. great job in matching them to the suggested book colors. can't wait to see the finished product especially wrapped around a little baby. :)

patti said...

So glad you liked the colors of the yarn. I got nervous when you didn't reply!

I picked out more fabric for the throw ! Tomorrow I wash it and start cutting WITHOUT a pattern!!
Can I do it?
Stay tuned!