Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Birthday loot!

Look at all the great stuff I got for my birthday from my crafty women! The stamped bag is from Erica, obviously. It says "don't forget to believe" and is stamped "dream". She also bought me the cool fabric and ribbon in San Fran!

The crocheted bag is from mom. The lining is an outrageous poppy print and the tag/bobble says "all I need is world peace and a shiney new tiara".

And the cool card was handmade by Amy and says "happy birthday to my sis" inside. It came with a cool vellum envelope that did not survive Lucy's affection.

I love it all!


patti said...

Very, very cool stuff!!!! Love Erica's bag. Is it a draw string?

abi's mom said...

it is a drawstring--my latest obsession. Did you crochet the cool bag? Haven't tried that yet. And where do you come up with all your great lines for your tags??? Funny how we both had the poppy them going!

I can't click on the pic of everything so I can't see Amy's card better! :(

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