Thursday, May 11, 2006


This is the scarf I finished last night. There is no start or finish to it and no seam. Only thing is, I wish I had used a much plainer yarn so the swirls and pattern would have shown up better. Oh well! It's all about learning. Now I know. It's from the 2nd book - Magical Knitting. The projects in the book are so beautiful and unusual. Next I am going to do a small basket with a handle and hopefully work my way up to a knitting basket with pockets that is unbelievable.
The trick to it all is the moebius cast on which is not hard but very different. The book could inspire you to buy a cat just so you could knit a bed for it.

Posted by Patti


abi's mom said...

I've wanted to do one of these for awhile--they're neat, and even better, it's all one piece, which means I'll actually finish it.

K & I just had a lovely morning of breakfast at Teaism and shopping in Georgetown, despite the mugginess. I dropped her off at the airport not long ago.

patti said...

I thought of you all day and wished I could have joined you!

kristen said...

I saw this in person and let me tell you -- its wicked cool! The pattern looks really hard though -- props to mom for figuring it out!