Sunday, May 28, 2006

House update

Some of you have been wondering how our house is coming along and when we might be moving in. At the moment it's kind of feeling like never, but I'm assured that things will be moving along more quickly soon. We'll see.

Here's our brand new foundation:

And here's the inside, the new kitchen. Yes that is the wall that we tore out 5 years ago.

This is upstairs:

And this is the living room (and Rob), complete with our refrigerator, tub, new toilet and our garage doors.
We'll keep you posted.


kdh said...

Hey great post! I HAVE been wondering. And I'm happy to see they've been making some progress. You gotta have a foundation, don't you?

kdh said...

Mom and I were talking last night and we thought of "running with scissors" as a blog name. Reactions?

abi's mom said...

"Running w/scissors" had occurred to me too, but isn't that the title of a book that came out recently? One of those "I had a horrible childhood but turned out vaguely normal"?

patti said...

Whoa! Those pictures are scary but I'm sure it will all turn out beautiful.You can see progress, right?
Running with glue stixs?

abi's mom said...

We're supposedly getting a steel I beam delivered today. Sounds like progress to me! Yeah!

I like the running w/glue stix. Or sewing machines. Or glue guns.

Anonymous said...

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